Who we are?


We re a dedicated to offer consulting services, training and solutions implementatios, with our head offices in Cordoba Argentina, integrated by an interdisciplinary proffesionals with a wide trajectory on the business.

We dedicate to develop to competitive capacity of our customers, introducing them in the use of the tools and modern methodologies.
CEO: MBA. Leandro Daniel Torres


Our misión and reason for being is to increase the competitive capacity of our customers trough the develop, consulting, training and integrals business solutions implementations to solve of problems of this áreas: Quality, Maintenance and Production, giving them the experience and the necessary know how, to reach the market requirements.


Constitu ourselves in Latin America as the best option in develop and implementatio of business solutions that increase the compatitive of the companies in the Operations Management.


DIRECTOR: Daniel Torres Leandro
Electrical Electronic Engineering, Master in Business, Industrial Maintenance Specialist (BRETON SPA, UCC), Lead Auditor (Georgia Institute of Technology) Internal Auditor of Quality Systems (DET NORSKE VERITAS).
Curriculum Vitae

DPTO. RR.HH.: Lic. Elisa M Panero.
DPTO. CONTABLE: Lic. Mario Escañuela  -  Cr. Víctor Charquía.
DPTO. PRENSA Y DIFUSIÓN: Periodista María de los Ángeles Torres.
DPTO. INGENIERÍA: Ing. Oscar Giovanini - Ing. Enrique Benet  - Ing. Orlando Vanucci.
DPTO ADMINISTRACION: Abogada  María Alejandra Bertschi.
ATENCIÓN AL CLIENTE: Periodista Carla Nadia Gaia.

FOREIGN ALLIANCES: The companies we represent:

Dominican Republic:

Dominican Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises.
Phone: 809-535-6165 Fax: 809-809-535-1744
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web Page: http://www.asiex.org/

Cell: 809-707-5666
Tele / Fax: 809-699-9935
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Venezuela and Mexico:

Office: 58-295.772.16.82
Venezuela: 58-414.815.95.54
Fax: 0501-3296245 Ex: 8096
Mexico: 52-1-938.136.30.97


Methodology and Training Places

Methodological approach:
- Design of training instances multimethodologic that will address concepts and ideas from playful, collectively experiencing the different perspectives of the topics discussed.

- Combination of classroom training (courtly and out-door), strengthening action plans On Line Coaching.

- Use of various techniques and tools aimed at transferring skills to motivate change and improvement. (360 Feedback Questionnaires, Self Diagnosis, Assessment Center)

Facilities for training activities:
The request may be made in company training in our training rooms at Renault Argentina (Santa Isabel manufacturing plant) or Training Center Renault Argentina-Buenos Aires).